Message of from the Principal

Dear Colleagues and Students

Evelyn Hone college is the largest public technical institution in Zambia with a worldwide recognition for its training programmes. In recognition of our status, we endeavour to ensure that we create and sustain an enabling environment under conditions that allow for a very diverse and cosmopolitan student body, for attainment of an academic excellence anchored on strong values of service to the people while ensuring total commitment to programmes that directly contribute to the social and economic welfare of the country and the world at large. Principally, Evelyn Hone college trains the country’s employment market and beyond.

Evelyn hone college strives to innovate and adopt the most modern approaches to its delivery of training and associated services without prejudice to those past but fundamental aspects that build a good foundation in all training functions.

We are proud of our role as a leading technical institution for government as well as the role that its Board plays in providing policy facilitation and support to its strategic direction. The intuition accommodates a very diverse and cosmopolitan students and staff population, which in itself is an attribute of its enriched existence. Consequently, its values can also be seen in its current responsibility of ensuring that it upholds individual and public respect, sense of tolerance and openness to all.

Beyond academic functions Evelyn Hone college strives to promotes a culture of research and consultancy as a strategy to remain relevant to its environment and industry. This is evidenced by the existence of a separate research and consultancy unit whose role is to ensure participation in locally and externally conceived and commissioned research activities. We are proud to participate and collaborate with other institutions in all any area of research and consultancy as long as these fit within prescribed moral and ethical standards.

Our mission is anchored on our belief that we endeavour to provide quality training in applied arts, commerce, science and technology to local and international students in order to fulfill requirements of both the local and international labour market based on our vision of wanting to be the most preferred choice for training in all the cited areas.

We are located in the most convenient area of the country’s capital city of Lusaka, about 900 metres from the central Business District Post Office. We are also surrounded to the west by city’s central police, a modern shopping mall, two other training institutions to the south and churches within very close proximity to the east. All are within walking distance. Although college may not provide all the boarding faculties our students may require, we are within very close proximity to various grades of privately owned boarding facilities and apartments for various levels to affordability by our prospective students and guests.

In its quest to grow, the institution has recently acquired a brand new off-shore campus located 900 km to the north of the country in a town called Isoka. This we believe, is a campus of the future as we hope it will attract lots of goodwill through Public Private Partnership expansion and programme innovation. This campus is destined for opening before the end of the third quarter of 2016.

Given all these attributes and our sound belief and mission, I invite you to come and talk to us and even join our fraternity. We value you as the most important investment and capital that goes beyond all other resources. By coming to us you will be sure to receive our personal and undivided attention.


Daniel Fwambo