Solwezi Trades

Solwezi Trades Training Institute (SOTTI) is one of the vocational skills training provider based in Solwezi, the provincial headquarters of North Western province of Zambia. SOTTI is located within town center opposite the Solwezi City Mall.


Solwezi Trades is mandated to provide a diversity of high quality, demand-driven, community-oriented and affordable TEVET skills training programs for the socio-economic development of the individual and the nation.

Over the years of the existence of Solwezi Trades Training Institute, 2016 recorded the largest increase in the number of students enrolled. From a total of 156 students in 2015, the figure was doubled to 327 in 2016. This arose from the vigorous distribution of fliers outlining the training programmes at SOTTI to a wide catchment area of Solwezi and other provincial districts. Demand driven courses were also introduced in 2016 which contributed to student increase. The new courses were Diploma in Teacher Education in Business Studies, Heavy Equipment Repair, occupation Health and Safety, and Diploma in ICT with Education. To this end, the objectives to increase student population and introduce new demand driven programmes by 31st December 2016, were achieved.


‘To provide a diversity of high quality, community demand driven and affordable business and vocational skills training programmes for the socio-economic development of individuals and the nation.’


SOTTI is accountable to its learners and the community.


SOTTI is a pace-setter in the provision of TEVET Programs in North-western province.  The Institute is accessible and responsive to the community.


SOTTI values transparency, sincerity, fairness, honesty, accountability, respect and trust which form the foundation of its existence.


SOTTI strives to deliver high quality training, value hard work and commitment to duty.


SOTTI values gender equity and innovation in its service delivery, embracing differences and promote positive criticism.


The vision of SOTTI is to be the leader in the provision of business and vocational skills training in Northwestern province.


  1. To increase access to and promote the efficient and equitable provision of quality and relevant labour-market technical, business, vocational and entrepreneurial skills training programmes.
  2. To increase youth and adult literacy levels in the local community.

To promote social corporate responsibility in the local communities through sustainable partnerships.

The core business of SOTTI is to provide vocational skills training to youths.

The skills training provided lead to the Technical Education Vocational and Entrepreneurship Training (TEVET) qualification level 3, 1 and craft certification by the training authority (TEVETA). Below is a list of courses currently being offered at SOTTI:

Teacher Education in Business Studies Diploma UNZA 2 Years, 8 Months
ICT with Education Diploma In process 2 years 8 months
Secretarial & Office Management Diploma TEVETA 2 Years, 8 Months
Electrical Engineering Craft TEVETA 2 Years
Automotive Mechanics Craft TEVETA 2 Years
General Agriculture Craft TEVETA 2 Years
Metal Fabrication Craft TEVETA 2 Years
Heavy Equipment Repair Craft TEVETA 1 Years
Carpentry & Joinery Level 1 TEVETA 1year
General Hospitality Level 1 TEVETA 1 year
CIPS Adv. certificate CIPS, UK. 6 months
Food Production Level 3 TEVETA 6 months
Stores Management Diploma ICM 6 months
Bricklaying Level 1 TEVETA 1 Years
Occupational Health & Safety Advanced Certificate UNZA 2 Years
Computer Appreciation Certificate SOTTI 3 months
Computer Maintenance. Certificate SOTTI 3 months
Roofing Skills Award SOTTI 3 months
ICT Certificate TEVETA 6 months
Trade Test Level (any vocational skill) Levels 1 & 3 TEVETA Level 1year,

Level 3 6 months

Contact Details

For any queries you can contact the following numbers:

Accountant: +260 967592099

Cashier: +260 977711026